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Topic: My first GPO MP3 Test

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    My first GPO MP3 Test

    OK---Just came from the file sharing board here at the Forum--but wanted to let you folks here know that my first GPO effort posted.

    I explained a lot about the clip at the music share page---if your'e intersted, please take a look there.

    Mistahamma said "let's hear some tunes"--well, here's one. The one that drove me crazy for the several weeks since I first got GPO--Quick recap is that I'm trying to re-do MIDI files of my music using GPO--had major problems trying to use an outdated sequencer.

    This is from my dramatic musical--the opening scene, a chorus number (after the brief overture of themes)---Not straight GPO---piano, bass, drums, guitar combo backed by an orchestra.

    For handy reference--here's the link again:

    http://www.flipdrive.com/download.php?file_id=2969&code=479c46342783ec82a46 ef545a7c37a1b&show

    Still have miles to go on this huge project of re-doing 2 hours of show music---but I'll get it, by gum. --Every day a new technical challenge--sigh.

    Take a listen.


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    Re: My first GPO MP3 Test

    Mistahamma figured it out---If you use the MP3 link, at Flip Drive you sign up for a free account to have unlimited access. Otherwise, the # of downloads available to non-members keeps maxing out.

    It's an above-board OK site, nothing scary about signing up. I've been using free storage there for awhile, it's fast and handy--except for the above little thing.


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