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Topic: My website

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    My website

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    You asked for it. You demanded it. You said, "When, Jay, when?"

    OK, so you didn't

    Nonetheless, www.jayasher.com is now up and running. Go you Google robots!
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    Thumbs up Re: My website

    Pretty dang impressive! You have quite a resume sir. Very nice.

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    Re: My website

    Really nice stuff, JAy.

    Websitre is just the kind of minimal look I like. (This is me and this is my work)

    Oddly I always wondered who Ashermusic was (seriously). I just knew you knew a lot about Logic and have always been helpful over at Sonikmatter.

    Which tunes are you singing on of your website demos?
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    Re: My website

    That's very good. Hope you are doing well and the music is very good and interesting. Many thanks.

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    Re: My website

    Looks good Jay.

    I love the use of the Wimpy player for the music page. It is so simple yet effective and clear.

    Re: google robots...

    the best way to get your page into all of the search engines is a little known free secret called www.dmoz.org.

    Navagate to a section in their database (probably under entertainment/music or something like that). Submit your web page address to the one category they have where you think it fits best. You can only choose one category so research all the sections they have and see where other fiolm composers, etc...are. I am in "Business: Arts and Entertainment: Music: Composers and Arrangers" and that is probably a good location. After submitting your page, sit back and relax. This is the international free database of web pages that all the search engines use to update their listings. So...if you are in here...you will be everywhere very soon. It takes a few weeks to a couple months...but it is much faster to get your page out there than letting each individual search engine bot try to find you. And MUCH, MUCH better than paying any other service (like godaddy) an additional fee to submit your site for you to all the search engines.

    Brian W. Ralston

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