My first experiments with getting GPO worked into my set up involved using GPO Studio--It was easy to saved instrument configurations through the Studio.

But now I'm using Cubase LE and things are Much smoother using Kontact directly instead of through the Studio. I Have to do it that way, and I've seen others say it is indeed more glitch free--I can vouch for that.

BUT---I don't understand how to save my Kontact GPO configs to use in new projects--? Of course my instrument choices are saved with a particular song, but now I'm setting up templates to work on new songs---and nothing I've tried yet is allowing me to call up previous configs.

See the problem?--I've tried C&Ping tracks into an old song where I've deleted tracks--doesn't work.

SOmething I'm missing, or is it not possible to save configs directly on/through the single Kontact instances--?