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Topic: Best Operating System for GPO??

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    Question Best Operating System for GPO??

    Hi everybody. I bought GPO a few weeks back through the composer channel and have been following the threads here since. I am going to buy a new PC to take GPO, and I was wondering which version of Windows XP works best with it.
    I'm specifically wondering about XP Home versus XP Media Center Edition. Few users seem to like Media Center, even though it seems to come bundled with all the new powerful PCs. Is there a reason for it?


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    Re: Best Operating System for GPO??

    Either one will work fine, though Media Center might be a little more stable as it's based on XP Pro. I think part of the dislike of Media Center is that so much hard drive space is devoted to stuff like TV tuner, radio, and other stuff which you mght not use but it doesn't really affect the use of Sonar, Overture 4 or other music software. The computer I bought had a 3.2 GHz P4 with a 200GB hard drive and 1 gig RAM, separate dvd rom and dvd burner plus a media card bay - it was exactly what I needed and just happened to come with Media Center.

    The one thing I have found useful is it is really easy for me to take my old VHS tapes and make DVDs out of them.

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    Re: Best Operating System for GPO??

    Thanks. This will make it much easier to find a suitable computer!

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