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Topic: Korg Triton - Paintjob?

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    Korg Triton - Paintjob?

    Unfortunately the painting of my Triton was permanently damaged by chemical components of my sweaty hands ( )... yeah... you heard it right.
    Is there anything that I can do to remove the stains from it? Any cleaning product that I have never heard of, maybe? Or is it possible to have a paintjob for the keyboard or something like it to restore its original appearance? Please, this is very important because the keyboard has never been used except in my studio, but it is looking like it was on the road since the 70´s.

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    Re: Korg Triton - Paintjob?

    hmmm... maybe Mr Clean Magic Eraser? >http://www.homemadesimple.com/mrclean/tips.shtml

    Or maybe a more powerfull solvent like something used on car rims.


    BTW can i see pics of this painted triton? gotta see this.

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    Re: Korg Triton - Paintjob?

    I have a Triton Studio 76 and it gets pretty dirty. I practice about 10 hours a week on it and have it out on weekends gigging. I don't know that it experiences the same conditions that yours does as my hands tend to stay pretty dry. But I clean mine with a great product. It's called USadvanage. It comes concentrated and then you dilute it to varying strengths depending on the cleaning your doing. Of course, Tritons are not listed in the dilution list :-) but it works great for me. Here are the details:

    Austin Diversified Products, Inc
    World Headquarters - Harvey, Illinois
    (708) 333-7644
    Toll Free 1-800-323-6444

    I need to wet the rag I use pretty well so I generally keep a dry rag right next to where I'm working just in case it runs a little. But I am able to get my Triton to look like new with a little time and effort.


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