As we discussed in one of other threads the latency may play a crucial role in keeping the playback of percussive and semi-percussive instruments within required precision (I am talking about playback from a notation program, f.e. Sibelius). This in turn popped up with a small but tiresome problem of repeating the latency value set up every time you open GPO Studio. Simply, latency returns to its "default" value with each opening. The question would then be: is it possible to add the latency value to the set of parameters being stored with the configuration of instruments associated with the given score (*.gpo files)? Such option would free us once for ever from dull, repetitive job and from unpleasant surprises when playing back the score without prior re-assignment of latency value.
There is another option, that all these exist but I have just managed not to see the mechanism of doing it properly.
Whatever is true, the suggestions are mostly welcome.