hi all,

this prb falls into the "stupid question" department, but what the hey...

i'm trying to do smth which seems like it should be totally simple -- and getting nowhere. all i want to do is have the output to my MOTU main outs also appear at 2 other arbitrary analog outs. i've tried just about everything i can think of w/cuemix, and i've scoured the MOTU website, haven't found a thing. anybody use this motu box have any ideas?

pls note: i'm not having any pb's while inside my sequencers [sonar & logic]; i can route things explicitly to each output fine while i'm actually working on the source audio in the audio s/w. what i want is to take the output from a simple stereo file and have it go to multiple outs on the motu just from the windows environment.

thanks in advance.