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Topic: A King's Lament

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    A King's Lament

    Hello everyone~ This is essentially my first attempt at working with GPO. Well, I messed around with a flute duet for a little while to get my toes wet... But then I decided to dive head first and try something more out there in order to see the palette of colors I have to work with.

    The piece is a tone poem of sorts based on a segment of a short story called Willem's Stand (the link leads to the story.) It was written for a game in development called Vanguard: Saga of Heroes as lore, and I found the character of the king particularily interesting. The first half of the story takes place solely in letters sent by two alternating people. Starting in Part 15, the point of view switches to a local Scribe retelling the final stand of the people.

    The part of the story that I connected best with however was the personal relationship between the scribe and the king. This was an honest king, open and imperfect. In private he disclosed his discomfort with calling for volunteers to fight to their death in order to hold off the advancing army until the people could reach safety. Yet he emerges from his private chambers as a dignified king, a leader and warrior ready to give everything up for his people. He passes by the Scribe with a nod and emerges to a balcony and welcomed by fanfares and applaud from his people.

    I essentially framed this piece around the king. It begins, as the title says, with his lament. He starts in private, knowing what he has to do and stating it plainly for himself.. He emerges from his chamber, masked with the brilliance of his regalia but strong-minded as he repeats what he has to do, walking towards the curtain. After a brief peek at a sensetive nod, he emerges into the fanfare of his people. They grow ever enthusiastic and the king urges them to hear him out. The speech begins, grows, and we get washes of the advancing army and back to the king and his people as they reply to his call to arms.

    So, rather epic/dramatic, which is very different from my usual work (more subdued with smaller groupings of instruments), but it was fun to work on.

    The major concern I have with it is, obviously, making everything blend well to sound as real as possible. I don't want it to sound exactly like it's coming from a concert hall, but regardless go well together. My main issue is the brass. Alone as a section, they sounded pretty solid, but mixed with everything else they feel a bit dry and hollow. I was pleased with the woodwinds though.

    This is all GPO except for the choir, which is Sibelius/KontaktSilver.

    In any case, let me know what you think All sorts of constructive criticism is welcome.

    A King's Lament

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    Re: A King's Lament

    Man, your writing is cool.

    Great for a GPO first!

    Keep making more music with GPO, and each piece will sound better than the one before.
    What a great start!


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    Re: A King's Lament

    Nice work!

    Great transitions between tempo/mood changes.

    Your piece definitely encapsulates the genre/style of fantasy…. Has that epic noble quality.

    My only critique would be in the usage of Choir samples. These samples often tend to contain a singular vowel/chord structure, which if used in repetition, or as a lead voice, immediately breaks the integrity/believability of one's work.

    Other than that.. Great work!

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    Re: A King's Lament

    Thanks for the feedback so far I appreciate it.

    Regarding the choir, it's definately not my first choice for a sample. I did want a choir in the piece as it was part of the aural landscape/story I was going for, but unfortunately havn't invested in something more true to life sample-wise. I understand the concern though, as they do sort of break the 'immersion' so to speak. I love voices though (as singing is my primary instrument) and want to continue using them, so that'll most likely be my next big expansion.

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    Re: A King's Lament

    Great work! I thoroughly enjoyed it. Nice orchestration, and a great blend of different styles and orchestral textures. It never got boring!

    I read in your profile you hope to enter the game industry? Yay, me too! Good luck with that, and welcome to the forum.
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    Re: A King's Lament

    I really enjoyed listening to this piece, this was a pleasure to listen, great contrast in moods this track definetly takes u on a journey, love it when it starts to pick up.

    for a first u seem like u really can handle GPO!!

    Well done cant wait to hear more of the same

    Regards Chris

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    Re: A King's Lament

    Good first piece! I am a relatively new user (I don't know at what point I get to stop saying that, but I'll use that excuse as long as I can get away with it), and I am only now picking up on the nuances of blending the instruments. It's all tone and color. I am really please with the results that I have been getting and I know that with a little more tweaking, you will get the brass sounding peachy! Unless you like oranges, then there may be a problem! Any who...I think you really did well on your first submission and I look forward to hearing more.

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    Re: A King's Lament

    Some fine writing in this, Cobalt; and quite a proud showing for a first outing with GPO. Welcome aboard!

    Great use of textures, contrasts, and some quite astute orchestration in this.

    Come on back soon with more!


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    Thumbs up Re: A King's Lament

    This is simply great!!!
    This is a very nice piece and if you are at your first piece I cannot image what you will be able to do in the next future!!!
    You did a great job with the strings in the opening of the piece!!!
    Also with the Harp in the middle you wrote a great little solo!!!

    Congratulations for this piece!!!
    I look forward to listen more of your music!!!


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    Re: A King's Lament

    i love the whole package here...the setting of the story, and the setting of the music to the story...i must have lived in camelot in a past life...i'm a sucker for these sorts of things...

    really nice work!!!

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