This just in:

An investigative reporter, well-known for his exposure of the Milli Vanilli conspiracy, is claiming that Paul McCartney's critically acclaimed CD, CHAOS AND CREATION IN THE BACK YARD, is a fake.

"If you play the third song backwards," he says, "you can distinctly hear McCartney -- or at least the man pretending to be McCartney -- saying, 'I am dead. I am dead.'"

McCartney, the reporter claims, has been dead for decades and this new album is the work of none other than Mike McGear AKA Peter Michael McCartney, Paul's brother, who released a couple of highly acclaimed solo albums in the early seventies.

The material on the new CD, the reporter continues, bears a striking resemblence to much of the material on the McGear albums, which were allegedly produced by Paul.

When asked to explain Wings, the reporter simply said, "There *is* no explanation for Wings."

The RIAA was asked if they would be investigating the matter, but say they're too busy suing twelve year-olds to bother.