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Topic: In appreciation of the last "baroque" mood of Larry

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    Thumbs up In appreciation of the last "baroque" mood of Larry

    Larry Alexander, one of the most prolific GPO composer (no, probably THE most prolific) has created, selecting from his large archive of a life of writing, for a long time a nice sequence of stylish or humoristic American (mor or less pop or country for my foreign ears) piece of music.

    Recently he is day by day introducing baroque influences in his last compositions, that sounds equally nice and well done, but quite more sophisticated. I'm impressed by this research, and I want to let Larry know about my appreciation.

    It's clear that you really enjoy writing music, Larry, and as a magic of communication, you make us enjoying.


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    Re: In appreciation of the last "baroque" mood of Larry

    Mama mia! What a nice thing to say. Thank you, Fabio. I appreciate your kind words.

    My best to you and yours,

    Larry A.
    Larry G. Alexander

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