Hey all,

Just wanted to let you all know (L.A. folks or anyone in L.A. this week), that the comedy short film I have been mentioning to you all called THE RECE!PT will be screening in Los Angeles in 35mm this week multiple times.

Wednesday morning (short notice I know), it will screen at the Arclight Cinemas in Hollywood on Sunset Blvd. at 11:30AM sharp. We are the first in a series of "Best of Fest" movies from the L.A. International Short Film Festival. Tomorrow morning is the last day at this location. Other films to screen at this program include "The Chubchubs" which won the Oscar for best animated short a few years ago (screened in front of Men in Black II originally), a John Woo directed short called "The Hostage" which is the full lenth BMW film he shot with Clive Owen. Also screening is..."A Message From Fallujah", an Australian short which in my opinion will be this year's Oscar winner for Short films. The Arclight cost is $10.

Also this weekend, THE RECE!PT will screen in 35mm Friday, Saturday and Sunday (Sept. 30th-Oct. 2nd) at the Laemmle Sunset 5 Theatres. The times will be 10:20AM and 11AM all three days. The cost here is $7.

The RECE!PT has won the "Best Comedy Award" at the LA Shorts fest and the "BEST SHORT - AUdience Award" at the Breckenridge Film Festival this year.
It has also been invited by HBO to screen at THE COMEDY FESTIVAL at Cesears Palace, Las Vegas, November 17-19th, 2005.

Hope some of you can make it to one of these screenings this week here in L.A. A big "Thank you" to the individuals who have PM'd or emailed with your support. It has been an exciting and wild ride for us the last few weeks with this film and we are glad people are responding positively to it.