I recently got a Studiologic SL-880 PRO to use with my laptop based synth
(gigastudio, SONAR etc).

I use the M-Audio Firewire Audiophile with the laptop. My problem is that the Studiologic's MIDI output is not recognized by my M-Audio box. It is also not recognized by my desktop computer's card (which is an old Turtle Beach Pinnacle system). These things work perfectly with my other MIDI keyboards.

Interestingly enough, the new 880 PRO does drive my old Korg M1 just fine. It will also drive my two computers' MIDI inputs if I run it THRU the M1 (as if the M1 is somehow altering or boosting the signal).

Studiologic is thusfar no help as they have never heard of this. My friend, an electrical engineer put a scope on the 880 Pro's MIDI output current and measured it at 3.7 ma. Everything else we own between the two of us outputs well over 4 ma so we wonder if this may be the problem.

Has anyone experienced anything similar and if so, is there any inexpensive solution (eg a MIDI booster) ??