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Topic: 3 Shorter Pieces

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    3 Shorter Pieces

    Hello again everyone

    Ever since my first project, I've been very excited about exploring the sounds in GPO. The three shorter pieces I wanted to share today are all smaller in scope, focusing more on the solo instruments than a large epic sound. All of them except the last had been composed prior to owning the library.


    One thing I was absolutely thrilled about with the GPO sounds was the inclusion of the english horn, one of my favourite woodwinds. I had written this duet previously, but finally was able to shape it to a nice sound. I explored a much larger room with the two intertwining lines.

    The Dreamer Arrives

    This piece is actually a movement from a larger body of work called Dreamer's Path. Though the it was originally written to be performed by a smaller ensemble, I bolstered the sound with more woodwinds to fill it out a bit. The drum used was actually the clean snare drum pitch-shifted down an octave to sound more like a frame drum, as I don't currently have an authentic sample of one.

    Marimba & Cello for Dance

    Exactly as the title suggests, this was written yesterday morning actually for an exercise in writing for dance. Someone from the dance department had choreographed a short 1'30" piece, and so I took the form and wrote something to accompany it. The dance was heavily based on having 3 sections to it, so I took that concept and structured the piece on the number as well, from the pitches in the scale to the phrase length and tempo. I bit more cerebral than I usually work

    In any case, enjoy these shorter works and let me know what you think.

    As a side note, I also launched my website this morning. It has a somewhat larger selection of what I've done, constantly getting updated with new pieces once I get around to GPOizing them or just writing fresh. The link's down there in my signature.

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    Re: 3 Shorter Pieces

    Nice work on these, Cobalt!

    Wavering is fascinating; the way the two lines snake together gives it a surprising amount of fullness.

    I particularly like The Dreamer Arrives... the almost Glass-like technique is highly effective, with the breakaway at ~2:00 serving well to prevent it becoming too repetitive, overall.

    Marimba & Cello for Dance is fine marimba writing -- the exercise is quite successful, and I think it would probably "dance well".


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    Re: 3 Shorter Pieces

    Nice work!

    I enjoyed your piece " The Dreamer Arrives"

    Very nice usage of GPO.

    Nice website as well.. Congratulations!

    You have a composition entitled "Child of Light and Dark" which is quite nice as well.. Another great use of strings.

    Was it all GPO?



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    Re: 3 Shorter Pieces

    Actually, Child of Light and Dark is a live performance! I would love to able to use GPO that well It was performed by a local Seattle ensemble called the Saint Helens String Quartet.

    I'm hoping to be able to put up some explanitory info about the pieces eventually, as small popup windows. I have the text written, just need to go through and code it all.

    Thanks for the comments so far!

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