--I'm never quite sure if I should be posting these kind of questions here or in the "tips and tutorials" section. This relates to the helpful Cubase tutorials on the other page.

I have useful templates set up in Cubase LE, though I have to use two templates for each song I'm working on, since my computer can't handle the full auto-load of all the GPO instruments I'm using. It's a bit awkward, needing to import audio files from template part one to template part two when they're needed--but I'm getting by OK with that set up.

What seems odd to me, still getting used to Cubase instead of my old Cakewalk Pro Audio 9 sequencer which doesn't support VST plug-ins (hence the need to learn Cubase)---is that when importing my MIDI files to work on them in Cubase, they load as new tracks in the template under the lay-out I already have programmed.

So I need to go up and erase the 60 tracks above the now loaded MIDI tracks. They do load as per the template, each assigned to the proper instruments, but it seems like there should be a way to have those imported MIDI tracks plop into the blank tracks already set up.

M<aybe this is in keeping with the Cubase system, which I find also odd, where you can't seem to cut and paste in what I consider a normal fashion--If you cut or copy something from a track, the only possible destination for it is the same track, rather than into another one. Hence the need for all the dragging of sequence clips, copying or moving them into new tracks.

Is this all simply the Cubase way of doing things (very fiddly sequencer, I think, compared to the straight-forward and much faster Cakewalk)---or am I not setting something up correctly?