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Topic: Lightning Field

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    Lightning Field

    Hello again! The creative juices just keep flowing with all these lovely sounds to play with.

    As a bit of prologue, this piece could stand on its own, but it will ultimately be a part of a much larger work I'm in the process of writing. The larger piece is going to be titled The Four Elements and exist in, obviously, four somewhat interrelated movements.

    First conceived of the four is this piece called Lightning Field. The name and visual imagery I worked with while writing was based on a beautiful photograph by Walter de Maria.

    So far, the piece is orchestrated as:
    4 Timpani
    Bass Drum
    Hand Bells
    Glass Harmonica
    and Mark Tree.

    Once incorporated into the larger piece, I'll most likely fill in around the edges to an extent, but in general I may stick with having it be a purely percussion-based movement.

    In any case, as usual, comments are very welcome!

    Lightning Field

    Edit: I was just informed today that the photo is actually taken from a gigantic square-mile installation art piece by de Maria which is the Lightning Field. The photo just happens to be taken of said art piece. Makes it even more interesting!
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    Re: Lightning Field

    An interesting piece, Cobalt... very evocative and effective, and definitely captures the mood of the de Maria photograph.

    I enjoyed listening to this -- rather a unique offering; and I do hope you'll do more of these pure percussion pieces!



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    Re: Lightning Field

    this is really cool stuff...lately i've been enjoying the thought of percussion only pieces...i thoroughly enjoyed this - it works well with the picture - and i really like the idea of a visual stimulus to this piece...very well done...

    in the picture, the lighter streaks on the left look like two figures doing a tango or something...you said you were making this a large piece - i'm excited for you at the thought of portraying a tango of lightning


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    Thumbs up Re: Lightning Field

    Wellcome Katz, you make interesting music, I'm happy you join the company, I'm certain you will let us hear nice compositions.

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    Thumbs up Re: Lightning Field

    interesting picture you give of the lightning field!!

    I really enjoy it!
    The percussions are pretty good!
    As Fabio says we will hear a lot of interesting music from you!!

    Best regards,

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    Re: Lightning Field

    I really enjoyed this one, wonderful sonorities, and some very well executed rolls, which can be very time intensive to get right.
    Looking forward to the rest of the suite.

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