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Topic: Linking 2 computers with Giga & Cubase

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    Linking 2 computers with Giga & Cubase

    I'm hoping to make use of the power of my PC by linking it to my new one.

    Old one = Carillon (2.6GHz) 1G RAM
    New one = Pentium 4 (3.4GHz) 2G RAM
    Both running XP Home Service Pack 1

    I want to use Vienna Library Pro with GigaStudio 3.1 & Cubase SX3

    I'm wondering what the best way of setting this up is.

    Should I put Giga on the old one, with the library and Cubase on the new, or some other config?



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    Re: Linking 2 computers with Giga & Cubase

    For Gigastudio and VSL you will want at least 2 GB RAM. You might find that with such a large library you may need to run 2 Gigastudio computers, if you need to load many articulations, especially the legato ones. I have very little problems running Cubase and Gigastudio on the same machine.


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    Re: Linking 2 computers with Giga & Cubase

    I have to agree. There are pluses and minuses to linking two machines. The obvious plus is that, if you use audio tracks in cubase, you can free up a good share of your computer's resources by having giga on a seperate machine. You can use a program like Midioverlan to link the two computers, but you will need to buy a decent network switch first.

    Some people just install MOL or other programs with simiilar functions and everything 'works' from the start, while other users experience many problems trying to get the two computers to talk. It can be very time consuming to iron out all the settings necessary. But the rewards are very high.

    As far as VSL is concerned, I generally don't have very huge giga sessions because my writing style is more suited for tight chamber groups rather than humongous orchestral forces. All I do is load the samples I need. At this time, I don't run out of resources with this single computer running VSL. But if you must have 16 thousand articulations loaded at all times, then 1 computer may not be the trick.

    Of course, it would be lovely to load the entire VSL library on multiple computers to have everything instantly at my beck and call... Sigh that day may never come.

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    Re: Linking 2 computers with Giga & Cubase

    When you do midi over lan, how is the audio fed back to the sequencer? I just ordered gigastudio and might want to set this up this way.



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