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Topic: Router Firewall and/or Software firewall on the PC

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    Router Firewall and/or Software firewall on the PC

    I'm setting up my son's home system ( not here ). He has a LAN router with its own hardware firewall. Do I still need to install a software firewall ( Sygate ) on his PC, or is the hardware router enough firewall protection ?

    -- atonal

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    Re: Router Firewall and/or Software firewall on the PC

    I use ZoneAlarm along with the hardware router. I use it because it annunciates and lets me control a program trying to phone home. Sometimes I don't really want that update ... My understanding is that router firewalls stop intrusions from outside but if you get a bot they see the transactions as legitimate and let them pass.

    As far as attempts to come in, not much gets past the hardware router. The only incoming messages are from rare websites. Not sure why, could just be a ping. Hardware routers DO respond to pings so they are not "black holes" some would like them to be.

    Check your system out via the Gibson Research ShieldsUp! site after your system is set up. It's pretty cool and let's you know whether or not and in what ways your computer appears to the outside world.


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