hello my friend, first sorry my english its to bad.

Can i put one question my friends ?

im guitarrist im recording my new album and what i need
to record my guitar and play in live situation to
but i want use software programs ( guitar effects ) Like amplitube ( simulate amps) Guitar rig from Native Instruments ( simulate processor guitar effects) and i want run the guitars from Reaktor.

i need to have a audio card with very good convertors for connect to my laptop to play in live situation and record the guitar from my album buy ( portatil computer)
buy connecting buy USB or FIREWIRE
I connect my guitar to audio card than audio card connect to my computer buy usb o firewire because im using the guitar rig software than the signal back from the computer to audio card again and then goes to my amp. VOX

my problem its what audio card i buy ??

motu ?
apogee ?

i need only 2 or 4 inputs and outputs and with jack and XLR IN/OUT And with pre for push the guitar signal
Its possible ?
i only see motu with 8 and 12 in/out

regards and thanks my friends