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Topic: Sound Card for 2nd Machine:

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    Sound Card for 2nd Machine:

    I'm going to start building (or maybe even buy this time), they 2nd machine in my setup. This will probably be the Gigastudio machine, (plus maybe the odd VSTi).

    What I am after is a recommendation for a sound card. I basically have a couple of options I can see. Use FX-Giga, to control gigastudio and not bother with a soundcard, or use midi-over-lan, and have a sound card.

    Problem being is that my other soundcard, is a MOTU PCI-424, linked into a HD192. Ideally I'd like to have the new card have at least 4 outputs, 2 I could feed into the MOTU as a stereo pair, and 2 I could monitor standalone ( just for playing the piano). All the ins / outs on the MOTU are balanced XLR.

    I doubt I will ever be recording any instruments on this machine so I'm not worried about inputs (maybe a couple to allow me to record samples). But I do want rock solid stability with WinXP, on an AMD machine.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks Steve

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    Re: Sound Card for 2nd Machine:

    I thought about the RME stuff - would this be a good move?

    I also wondered if moving away from PCI cards would be viable and maybe opting for one of the smaller Firewire devices. (Which would mean I could move this about more easily).

    Thanks Steve

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