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Topic: GPO PIANO Recital: R.Finley plays Chopin.

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    GPO PIANO Recital: R.Finley plays Chopin.

    I found this "Andante spianato et grande Polonaise brilliante" of F.Chopin in the wonderful Classical Music Connection, and I use it to test my piano samples.

    The "little" GPO piano sounds great under the realistic "live" recording of R.Finley*.
    I rendered and recorded it for you (but please don't use for commercial purpose, it's copyrigthed):

    F. Chopin's Andante and Polonaise
    Warning: huge file 9mb. If the beginning is boring for you, just jump to the second half...

    *Robert Finley is a British pianist, now living in USA for work. Being a virtuoso soloist, he preferred anyway to follow the vocation for electronics and he found a job in America. But he still loves and plays music:
    Robert Finley's site

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    Thumbs up Re: GPO PIANO Recital: R.Finley plays Chopin.

    So basically I don't have understood is finley playing GPO or GPO playing a Finley's version of Chopin?

    Anyway if this sounds is GPO, I cannot believe it's incredible!!!
    Bravo Fabio!!!


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    Re: GPO PIANO Recital: R.Finley plays Chopin.

    Robert Finley makes a whole whopping bunch of MIDI recordings, it's not even funny. He has my respect

    But yeah... The recording sounds real as ever as real should ever sound like...
    ♪♪♪♪ CâTå ♪♪♪♪

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    Re: GPO PIANO Recital: R.Finley plays Chopin.

    An interesting experiment, Fabio. It sounds very good on the GPO piano. Mr. Finley is a contributer at the Classic Midi Connection also.
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    Re: GPO PIANO Recital: R.Finley plays Chopin.

    Man would I love to be able to play like that!

    sooper dooper Fabio!

    There are alot of sampled pianos available, and I believe that the GPO is Steinway Grand is very underestimated.


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    Smile Re: GPO PIANO Recital: R.Finley plays Chopin.

    Every single hammer that hit piano's strings during a real piano performance is a nearly un-repeatable event.
    It's because of the random inpredictable combination of resonances, other keys pressed, energy, noise and speed of the mechanics and so on. Using sampled sounds the same velocity will reproduce every time the same sound, the same acoustic event.
    A good reverb and resonance (e.g. pedal pressed) sampling are helping a lot, but a little predictable and repetitive effect is anyway still existing.

    The quality of a good piano MIDI sequence is then to distract the audience from this weakness, with the random and musical flow of the notes.
    This sequence is very well done and give us back in some moments the real feeling of a piano "live" concert. I was impressed, and I decided to share it with you. Hope you enjoy.

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    Re: GPO PIANO Recital: R.Finley plays Chopin.

    I have never found a better one then GPO piano. I really like the sound of it.

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    Re: GPO PIANO Recital: R.Finley plays Chopin.

    that GPO piano sounds like a dream...thanks for sharing this, fabio!

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    Re: GPO PIANO Recital: R.Finley plays Chopin.

    Thanks for this, Fabio. It handsomely reinforces my own high opinion of the GPO piano.


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