Here is a new demo for ELECTRIC GRAND PCP-80 by Fabrizio Massara.

Recently he did a great job on Scarbee KGB demo, and now, he made a splendid tune using ELECTRIC GRAND PCP-80.

A silent protection



The original Yamaha CP-80 was a unique instrument. Not perfect, but definitely unique and inspiring. And these are probably the two most important things a musician looks for. The Prominy Electric Grand PCP-80 is unique and inspiring as well, a pleasure under the fingers. Oh, and you wont't ever need to take care of its tuning!

- Fabrizio Massara (a.k.a. Fab)

Keyboardist, Programmer, Producer, Songwriter. Founding member of Baustelle (three albums released, the latest one through Warner Music Italy), now exploring new territories...

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