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Topic: Cubase GPO Samples Help

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    Cubase GPO Samples Help

    Hi, just purchased GPO. I'm new to Cubase, and my question pertains to it and the use of GPO samples. The guide says that when I look under "panels", and "select VST instruments", upon selecting the bar at the top, I should see a small list with Personal Orchestra as an option. I see many other options, but no personal orchestra. Any help is appreciated, thanks.

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    Re: Cubase GPO Samples Help

    Did you remember to copy PersonalOrchestraVST.dll (you will find this in the GPO Studio\VSTPlugins folder) to Cubase's VST folder? If Cubase is anything like Cubasis VST 4, the latter folder might be called something like "C\...\Steinberg\Vstplugins"

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    Re: Cubase GPO Samples Help

    When I attempt to access GPO Studio, I get a message "Can't find the Personal Orchestra VST plugin, please selcet the file in the file browsing dialog".

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    Re: Cubase GPO Samples Help

    Fixed the problem. Thanks for the help Nickie.

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    Re: Cubase GPO Samples Help

    Well, you better find this file then and copy it to your various VSTPlugins folders. On the Windows platform it's spelled PersonalOrchestraVST.dll. I don't know about Mac.

    Edit: Ooops, too late

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    Re: Cubase GPO Samples Help

    Hello, can anyone tell me why I can't get my MIDI keyboard to play the Garritan instruments when I am in Cubase VST4. The mouse can play the notes on the virtual keyboard, but I get no response from my MIDI keyboard. Also, I can't seem to record the notes/play them back. Thanks!

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    Re: Cubase GPO Samples Help

    Perhaps this can behelpful.

    1) Does the "transport bar" in Cubase respond?

    If not - check your midi-cable connections.

    2) Be sure of that "midi thru" is checked. (See Options)

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    Re: Cubase GPO Samples Help

    Thank you Aquarius, finally got it working. However, there is still a problem(pro audio 9 was SO much easier). When I go to the VST instruments panel, It states that when I try to go to channel three with the personal orchestra, "No more mixer channels!" What the heck does that mean!? Also, why am I only given four channels to work with?Thanks.

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    Re: Cubase GPO Samples Help

    Sounds like you ran out of audio channels. Cubasis can handle no more than 48 audio channels, and since GPO samples are in stereo, thus consuming 2 channels per instrument, you can't have more than 48/2=24 instruments = 3 GPO VST instances.

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    Re: Cubase GPO Samples Help

    Thanks again Nickie, makes perfect sense. Finally got most of what I wanted working, It's just that with a new sequencer, the learning curve tends to be quite harsh when you're dealing with these complex programs.

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