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Topic: Help with memory issue (maybe)..

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    Help with memory issue (maybe)..

    Some time ago, I posted a topic about cold boot issues and windows locking up.

    I never really got to the bottom of it, and despite being able to run memtest for 60 hours without errors I decided to try microsofts windiag memory tester.

    This fails, but what is odd is that it fails if I have both sticks of ram in, or just one or the other, and what if even more odd is that it always fails at the same memory address (le549b10).

    What are the chances the both sticks of ram are bad at the same address? (These are Corsair Plat XMS3200 Matched pairs of 1Gb)..

    Surely thats not likely.. It can't be any drivers or hdd's as this is run from a bootable CD. Does this mean the cpu could be duff? (I swapped out the mother board which is a Gigabyte K8NS 939 Ultra - with an identical one I bought at the same time in the last bout of fighting with this issue).

    Any techies out there that could shed some light on this?

    Thanks Steve

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    Re: Help with memory issue (maybe)..

    I've just noticed there is a later Bios F9 - but I'm not sure what "Fix GV-R955128T display abnormal" means...

    Anyone explain that?

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    Re: Help with memory issue (maybe)..

    I've also remembered that the AMD 64 has the memory controller onboard. As it seems very unlikely that both sticks of ram are duff, I'm being led to think that "maybe" the memory controller is. How on earth would I test that?

    Thanks Steve

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    Re: Help with memory issue (maybe)..

    I don't understand how memery can pass hours of memtest ( in fact I ran a 12 hour test last night with memtest86+ ), and fail within minutes on windiag.

    It always fails on the LRAND test, (random)..

    I'd like to narrow it down to trying to replace either the motherboard(s) or the cpu or memory, but I'm a bit stuck still as to how to test this..


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