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Topic: Sibelius playback tip

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    Sibelius playback tip

    I've often had the situation where a crescendo/diminuendo begins a little too early on a sustained pitch. A whole note, for example: one might want the initial volume to last for one or one and a half beats, but the graded dynamic kicks in from the outset of the pitch. I discovered the following: after using the cresc/dim plug-in, use the Advanced Filter>Text>~ and the Midi messages will all be highlighted in blue. You can then use the arrow keys to move the whole group to the right or left, making them take effect later (to the right) or earlier (left). I suppose you could also move them up and down - but really for no reason

    Again, this may be an obvious thing that everyone is using. I hadn't seen anything written about it. Hope it may be of some use.

    R. Pearl

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    Re: Sibelius playback tip

    Hey the more Sibelius tips the better! Keep 'em comin' ;-)


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