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Topic: Epic tale continued

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    Post Epic tale continued

    Here is another piece of my epic tale...
    I hope you could enjoy it!

    Best to you all,

    From Dark to Light

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    Re: Epic tale continued

    Beautiful, Roberto! I love the soft voices in the background and when the flute comes in at about 1/3rd through. It definately provides a sense of uplifting as the title indicates, dark to light It ended much too abruptly though I thought. I could definately see this going on a bit longer.

    I must figure out how you get the strings to sound so smooth

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    Re: Epic tale continued

    Sounded great. What was GPO and what was not?

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    Smile Re: Epic tale continued

    Thank you both!

    CK: you are right about the end of this piece, but I cut it today before posting. Thus because this piece comes from one of my first composition after buyng GPO.
    And the end of this piece was a long choir tail. So as the choir is not from GPO it seems to me not right to post here a long non-GPO choir piece. then I choose for the part containing GPO samples.

    Mr. Fels I don't remember exactly because my computer has got a crash. But I think that all apart the choir, obviously, was GPO except for the first violin Ens. but exactly I don't remember. I hope to give you a better answer when my computer will be back. Hoping to be able to get back everything.

    Thank you again,

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    Re: Epic tale continued

    Hi beach,

    I liked this piece as much as the other 2 you did!
    You used silver choir you said? you make good use of them!

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    Re: Epic tale continued

    Amazing work as always Roberto!

    I have one suggestion. Perhaps adding a touch more verb to the flute at 0:56 would help it blend with the choir and strings a little better? Just a thought

    Thanks for sharing,


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    Re: Epic tale continued

    Magnificent, Roberto. Your adagios are always so beautiful. This one has a baroque feel. When your computer returns to life you might show us the ending. Thanks for posting this.
    Never look at the trombones. It only encourages them. Richard Strauss

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    Re: Epic tale continued


    Beautiful use of the voice as an instrument. Restrained and subtle, it gave the music an elegaic quality - something you do so well!

    Very enjoyable to hear.

    R. Pearl

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    Re: Epic tale continued

    Really gorgeous, Roberto. It's almost haunting. I agree with Ryan about adding a bit more reverb on the flute. It will make it sound floating above the rest ....

    Kind Regards


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    Re: Epic tale continued

    Beautiful as always. I particularly liked the ornamentation on the Flute solo.
    It is easy to forget how effective ornamentation is for enhancing a melody.
    I am looking forward to the ending.

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