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Topic: Phrygian Quartet

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    Phrygian Quartet

    Hey all,

    Here is a movment from the NEW string quartet I'm writing. This is in the phrygian mode, although it modulates to mixolydian at some point.

    Tell me what you think!


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    Re: Phrygian Quartet

    I like this... as always with string quartets I would like to see the score posted up here. Have you tried combining modes to create new scales? My first string quartet is Lydian/mixolydian I believe. (If you are intersted it can be heard on my website linked in my sig).

    String quartets are a measuring stick of composers and I wish we could get a few more on this demo page.

    Good job.
    Jess Hendricks
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    Re: Phrygian Quartet

    thanks Jess.

    The score can be seen here, if you have the Scorch Plugin.


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    Re: Phrygian Quartet

    Well done, Matt... enjoyed this deeply contemplative piece. That pizzicato section was a stroke of insight, too (I probably wouldn't have thought to do that) -- and the build into the forward mid-section of the piece was highly effective (perhaps because I just did not expect it?).

    As I've said frequently, quieter pieces like this often don't get the attention they deserve.

    I hope everyone will take a few minutes to listen to this one -- well written, well executed, and well worthwhile!

    Thank you for it.


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    Re: Phrygian Quartet

    Good Stuff Matt.
    It is very hard to write for qtet, and very hard to get a convincing realisation using samples.You have succeded on both counts here.
    Nice to see the viola getting a star turn. I liked the fact that you explored the phrygian mode without being enslaved to it.
    The E Major section was a nice relief.I also enjoyed the poetical ending, handled with great surety.
    Nice job on the score, too. Admirable clarity. May I join the chorus requesting more qtets. Matt shows you can get a really good sound.

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    Re: Phrygian Quartet

    Hey guys,

    thanks for the kind words. On the subject of more string quartets, I am writing another one in Dorian Mode, that sould be up soon.

    Do any others have quartets lying around? Can never have too much inspiration!


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    Re: Phrygian Quartet

    This is excellent quartet writing, a medium that demands mastery of all the elements of composition. It moves through a multitude of themematic treatments that keeps it alive and interesting. Will be looking for the next movement. Great work.
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