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Topic: GPO Ambience Via VST4

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    GPO Ambience Via VST4

    Hi, another question. I have completed a song on the VST4, yet I want too touch it up with better accoustics and reverb, which is exactly what the "Ambience" package brings. However, I am confused as how to do this. I know it has something to do with "effect send", but I'm lost from there. Thanks.

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    Re: GPO Ambience Via VST4

    Bump. Spent several more hours, but too no avail.

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    Re: GPO Ambience Via VST4

    Panels | VST Send Effects (or click button on tool bar). Load Garritan Ambience into one of the two slots, select a preset or click Edit to create your own manual setting (right-click File | Save Effects to .... guess what ). In the VST Channel Mixer, click the blue FX button for each track you want to apply Ambience to | in the pop-up window(s) | Sends frame | click On and turn the knob to adjust the level of effect.

    Good luck.

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