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Topic: cubase le question...

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    cubase le question...

    hey all...don't know if many people make use of cubase le, but i kinda enjoy it for the price i paid...anyway, i posted this question up on cubase's message board a while back - no response...gotta love it...so i figured i'd send it up this way...appreciate any help that can be given...

    I bought the M-Audio Radium 49 MIDI controller for a couple reasons (portability, price, sliders and knobs, etc.)...one of the reasons i got it was that i figured it could help me with my mixing on my computer with the knobs and faders. problem is, i haven't found out how to attach the sliders and/or knobs to my mixer in cubase le, if it's possible at all in this software. anyone know something about it that i don't?

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    Re: cubase le question...

    I would ask M-Audio. Cheers, jc

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