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Topic: Does any have this setup?

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    Does any have this setup?

    MSI Neo Plat2 M/B
    AMD 64 x2 4400
    Corsair XMS2300C2PT TwinX (2 x 1Gb Matched Pair)
    Maxtor SATA Drives:
    Sonata II Case (With it's TruePower 2 PSU)
    Zalman Cooler.

    I've gotten so sick of the machine that I can't get working I'm looking at swapping out parts, and building another one from scratch.

    If anyone has this setup.. or has built one similar (i.e. different RAM etc). let me know. I don't want to go throught this pain again if I can help it.

    Thanks Steve

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    Re: Does any have this setup?


    I'm going to bumb this, as your specs are similar to what I'm thinking (dreaming) about getting, though I will get a professional to build it for me.

    You say you can't get it working? Could you offer anything a bit more specific in terms of the problems you're having?


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    Re: Does any have this setup?

    What video card are you running? They can cause an incompatibility issue. Also, you may be able to back off your RAM timing in the BIOS to get things to stabilize - assuming that's the problem.


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    Re: Does any have this setup?

    Your post is somewhat vague. It isn't working? How?

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    Re: Does any have this setup?

    my bet is onr the mobo. that my least fav of noforce 3.

    since the Gigabyte is no longer available i recommend the asus A8v dx
    yes its via.


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    Re: Does any have this setup?

    But avoid the A8V deluxe with Echo audio cards. The MIA and MIA-MIDI are known not to work with that board.


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    Re: Does any have this setup?

    As far as mobo go I really don't trust anything that isn't made by ASUS or Intel. Maybe it's just me but it seems like a disproportionate amount of people with mobo other than those complain of problems.

    Before wasting a lot of money on a new machine I'd check into spending a couple of hundred on a new motherboard. Also, check those DAW making companies like Carillion. All I did was copy their system as I assume that they did the research.

    Also, realize that your system may not be tested with music software which is a good 6 months behind the technology trend. Dual Opeterons are pretty well tested tried and true. Again check to see what the DAW manufactures are putting together then try to get your system as close to that as possible.


    Edit: One more thing. Hold on to your dual AMD 64's. Wide spread support for dual, dual core is just around the corner.

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