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Topic: Bumpy Road

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    Bumpy Road

    Recently, after numerous jolts and bumps on the freeway, U.S. 101, my Honda Station Wagon suffered a broken lower ball joint. The car has now recovered from surgery. This piece was suggested by the events. The mp3 is GPO Steinway.

    Bumpy Road

    The link leads to three choices.

    Select play from the blue menu above the score or blank score page. This is streaming audio.

    If you have the plug in, you can view the score and hear it also, but sound quality is gm, and it embarrasses me.

    Below the score, under DETAILS, you can select download the mp3.


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    Re: Bumpy Road

    Very nice piano piece Richard, I enjoyed it! It certainly conveyed a quite bumpy adventure. For some reason, I pictured a much more tramautic experience before listening to the piece (from your desctription), but the piece's trip sounded like it was fun

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    Re: Bumpy Road

    Bit of a surprise on this one, Richard -- definitely, absolutely unmistakably Wayland, but the tilt toward tradition was unexpected... lol.

    Wisecrack aside, an interesting piece, well done! What a great cross-mix of styles... and it works.


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    Re: Bumpy Road

    Very enjoyable listen. Your bumpy journey was clearly evident. I think I've been on that road or one very similar.
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