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Topic: Notes cut off

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    Notes cut off

    In gigastudio - whenever i hit a key, it seems to play for a fraction of a second an then get turned off. In the piano for example, i hit it, hold it for a few seconds, but it dies almost immediately, then when i let go, i hear the key noise so it seems to be getting the right midi signals (works fine when i put other vsts in its place and thats confirmed through a midi monitor).

    Any ideas?



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    Re: Notes cut off

    And this is rewired if it makes any difference.


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    Re: Notes cut off

    Did anyone have suggestions for this? I'm having the same problem. All notes are cut off, as if only the portion of the sample in memory is heard, and streaming fails. This happens even if only a single note is played, so it's not a polyphony issue.


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    Lightbulb Re: Notes cut off

    Probably unrelated, but I once had similar problems when the power and/or SATA data cable to the separate sample harddrive was damaged. This resulted in an intermittent harddrive connection, preventing streaming of the non-buffered part of the samples.

    Problem has gone since I replaced both SATA power and data cables. SATA cables are nice and compact, but unfortunately much more vulnerable than the old fashioned ribbon cables.

    Good luck!


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    Re: Notes cut off

    Have had this problem now and again, reboot seems to solve the problem.
    DAW ONE: CPU: 3.4GHz; RAM: 2 GIGS DDR400; Mobo P4 GIGABYTE ;80GIG IDE HD;2 X WD SATA HD Raptors 10KRPM 74GIG in RAID 0;
    M Audio Firewire 410; Midisport 8X8

    Hauptwerk V3
    DAW TWO: CPU: 2.4 GHz Dual Core; RAM 4 gigs DDR2533: MOBO Asrock ConRoeFirex - eSATA2; 2 x SATA 80 GIG, HDs; M Audio Delta 1010 and a Delta 1010LT, soundcards; MOTU Express 128 i/f

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    Re: Notes cut off

    One possibility is more than one keyboard or sequencer track/channel sending data to the same gigastudio channel, or using some kind of "omni" setting to send to all. Notes cut off when program changes are sent, as well, in case your keyboard or sequencer does that. You can use the midi monitor in gigastudio to see exactly what midi data is being received.

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    Question Re: Notes cut off

    I am curious to know which Giga patch (build) you are running and which instrument you have loaded that is exhibiting the note termination issue. I also have experienced this issue but it was resolved with the most current patch of Giga3.

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    Re: Notes cut off

    Sorry this took so long...I wanted to try the latest patch, but no luck.

    I'm running GS3.12 Orchestra on my laptop: an Asus w/ Centrino 2.0 Ghz, 2gigs ram, 80Gb 7200rpm hardrive, WinXP sp2+. I run it in Rewire mode through Cubase SX2.2+. I also run Garritan PO as a VSTi without a problem. The cut off happens with all samples I load, which so far has included XSample string quartet, Gigapiano, and the included VSL samples.

    It doesn't seem to matter how I trigger a sample - either from with Cubase, or with the on-screen keyboard in GS3. All samples always play just a fraction of a second. I've tried a fresh install, and a simple cubase doc with one midi track. I tried transferring the Cubase file to my old desktop rig, and it worked fine.


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    Re: Notes cut off


    I just installed the demo of the FX MAX Giga VST adapter, and everything plays fine now. The Giga adapter installs a virtual gsif soundcard. It looks like the problem is related to running GS3 in Rewire mode only. We'll see what happens when the demo runs out.

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