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Topic: Miers now we know

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    Miers now we know

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    I couldn't for the life of me figure why would the president appoint someone with no experience to such a position. now we know why:


    sad: now this will be become a debate about abortion NOT competence/ experience:
    and we will get to watch all of the loud mouth conservatives suddenly flipflop on their view of Miers.

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    Re: Miers now we know

    Did any of you see Saturday Night Live a couple weeks ago when Rachel Dratch played Harriet Miers? In the sketch Bush was asked why he picker her.

    Bush: "It's called cronyism. I'm a cronyism-ist."

    But the real reason is that she's a bootlicker:

    According to Knight-Ridder, here are a few personal notes from Miers to Bush:

    "You are the best governor ever - deserving of great respect!" - Harriet Miers

    "Cool!" - Harriet Miers

    "You are the best!" - Harriet Miers



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