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Topic: GPO Installer fails after OSX reinstall

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    GPO Installer fails after OSX reinstall

    Hi Everyone,

    I've searched the forums for an answer to this but no luck so far. Due to some unfortunate events, I had to wipe my drive and reinstall OSX and all my apps. When I went to reinstall GPO, the installer would appear momentarily on the dock and then disappear. No error message, nothing. My GPO discs seem to work fine on my wife's iBook. The only hunch I have is that something is amiss with my DVD drive. It's a Pioneer DVR 106D that I installed, not OEM. The drive has been working fine for over a year but after this hellacious reinstall process it doesn't read some discs. Maybe this is affecting the GPO installation? I was able to use this drive to reinstall the OS and a slew of other applications.

    As usual I'm in a bit of a project crunch when my gear decides to melt. Any help is greatly appreciated!


    pertinent specs:

    G4 450 AGP (It's slow but I get two instruments out of GPO)
    768MB RAM
    OS 10.2.8 (fresh install)
    Pioneer DVR 106D DVD drive

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    Re: GPO Installer fails after OSX reinstall

    I wanted to post an update. I copied my GPO installer discs to a folder on my G4, ran the installer from this drive, and everything installed fine. I know this was recommended to a windows user on the forum.


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