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Topic: using release samples?? how to?

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    using release samples?? how to?

    In my sequencer (sonar), a note off is never sent, rather a note on with velocity 0. For this reason, in my years of using gigastudio, I have never been able to get a release sample to sound -- and everything done with samples has been done without releases. Maybe it's time to remedy that, since i have all these libraries with recorded release samples.

    Has anyone figured out an alterative way to make the end of a note trigger a release sample? (Other than replacing my sequencer ...)


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    Re: using release samples?? how to?

    You sure your Sonar does that? Back when I used the 16-bit GS2 version of the White Grand it was easy to watch the release samples being triggered because they were on a separate port... you could select port4 in GS while Sonar was playing a midi and watch the keys go down in GS's keyboard. Remember doing that when I first got it. Also tried manually unloading samples on ports 1-3 and playing a sequence to see what release samples sounded like by themselves... pretty funky.

    Might be your keyboard. I'm not sure if Sonar can be made to (or in fact does) change vel zeros to Note-off. Maybe there's a cal to do that. You might post the question on Cakewalk's Sonar forum.


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    Re: using release samples?? how to?

    I recall seeing in the release notes for Giga 3 that this was addressed.

    - G

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    Re: using release samples?? how to?


    Sorry, this is off the subject you started.
    Some time ago on a thread, regarding sudden increase in volume, you said that you had this problem some times. I do also.
    Last night I was playing on my controler and moving the modwheel up and down to test some of Kirk Hunters violin slides. Suddenly there it was, a stuck note and after killing the stuck note and hitting a key I almost busted my speakers. Before, when this happened, I just killed my sequencer, restarted GS. This time, after stopping the stuck note with HomeStudio's yellow exclamation button I looked at GS before I shut it down (dhaa, should have done this before) and ALL MY INSTRUMENTS C11 was up to 127! When I took the settings down everything was back to normal.
    I have no explanation for this, but judging by you comments I thought you want to hear this, and, who knows, you may have an explanation/solution? Is it possible that Homestudio/Sonar has a default setting of 127 for C11 and at resetting all goes back to default? I know that GS HAS a default 127 for C11, but I did not reset GS. My performance file includes settings for C11. This would point the finger on HomeStudio? Is there a way in Sonar to set default for C11?


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    Re: using release samples?? how to?

    howardv, you give me hope -- maybe I'm not doing something in sonar, or am doing something incorrectly; I'm not using a keyboard at all at the moment, everything originates in the midi sequences through notation, event edit, and cut and paste.

    gamera, this problem is in gigastudio 3, though I don't think it's a bug in either gs or sonar, just a pair of mismatched idiosyncracies to work around

    ted, cc#11 shouldn't be enough to cause the dramatically loud noise (I think); the default in gigastudio seems to be CC#11=127 anyway, if you never specify a value. Are you using 3.12? Since upgrading, I haven't had the noise (but not sure it has gone way, maybe it is waiting for the right time...)

    Anyone able to clearly say they can get release samples sounding in gigastudio 3, when using sonar as a sequencer?

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    Re: using release samples?? how to?

    I just loaded gigapiano full modeled, put one note in my sequencer and played-back. When the note ended, I could clearly hear the release sample, which includes the thump of the piano key.

    If there is a setting in cakewalk for note off versus note on (vel=0), then I think the note-off would be the default, as I have never had to change anything to get releases to sound. That's in sonar 4, latest patch.

    Try it!!


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    Re: using release samples?? how to?

    Release samples work here with no problems in SONAR. I'm using a keyboard to enter MIDI via standard playing techniques.

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    Re: using release samples?? how to?

    Thank you, belbin, bruce -- clearly there is a problem with the operator (me). You've given me confidence to find it!

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