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Topic: Forgotten in a Forsaken World

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    Forgotten in a Forsaken World | UPDATE: 11/03/05 Complete!

    Hello everyone

    Displaying a bit of the darker side to my music in this piece. As an exercise, I decided to write something more cinematic to test my chops. So I had a friend write me a scenario to accompany, in my head at least. What he wrote was as follows:

    "A man wakes in space. He has no memory or recollection of what happened to the rest of his life. In front of him is the earth, scorched to the core by a nuclear war. Beneath him is the moon and space station."

    Taking this as a premise, I wrote what would be an intro leading into a title sequence and main theme of said game or film or whatever it would evolve into. I wrote out the key points:

    1st section - Sustained, open view of space. Pan to the man floating.
    2nd section - Crecendo and hit on closeup of man's eye opening suddenly. Man surveys the area.
    3rd section - Spots the ruined earth, panics as the mechanics on his suit kick in and he is dragged backwards into the space station. He begins to have brief lucid flashbacks of the nuclear war.
    4th section - Man disappears into the bay of the station, transitioning into the main titles and theme.
    5th section - Outro like the beginning, space and additional opening text.

    Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Bassoon, 4 Horns, Trombone, Tuba, Organ (Flutes and Symphonic Plenum), Celesta, Timpani, Bass Drum, Lush Strings & Pizz Cello.

    That said, the piece isn't purely finished yet. I have a few more percussion tweaks to make once I get my copy of SONAR, as well as EQing and adjusting reverb for the faster sections. However, since I don't know when I'll get to mastering this particular piece, I figured I'd post it to show you folks As always, comments & critique are quite welcome.

    EDIT: Piece completed! Check the latest post for new link.

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    Re: Forgotten in a Forsaken World

    Great job Leif. I think we may well be looking out for your name on the movie credits in the future. I wouldn't have enjoyed this without your descriptive remarks, but with those my imagination does the business.

    Maybe we should all write down descriptions of what we are trying to achieve before starting a piece.

    A very realistic realisation too

    I look forward to hearing more.


    PS 'Forgotten in a forsaken world'...... a very impressive but black title.....I was about to slit my wrists until I heard the music! which wasn't as dark as I was anticipating!

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    Thumbs up Re: Forgotten in a Forsaken World

    very well done!
    It is really beautiful from the compositional point of view and also for the realization!!!
    Very very professional!
    This is an extremely nice piece for a movie!!

    Kobalt my congrats.

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    Re: Forgotten in a Forsaken World

    Very well done. A sostenuto is a good way to portray space. I was impressed by the strings at 0:47 and their harmonies. Also the tutti at 2:57 was very good.
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    Re: Forgotten in a Forsaken World

    Frank: Thanks It's interesting that you mention that you wouldn't have enjoyed it as much without the remarks. As is becoming a pattern with the work I show here, it's very rare for me to dive into a piece without a conception of what is happening visually or emotionally. Even the pieces that are constructed without any signifiers are always accompanying things. I suppose that would be my bias towards where I may end up with my music In any case, thanks for the comments and regarding credits, time will tell

    Roberto: I appreciate the feedback~ Thank you! Regarding sounding professional, this is of course where Gary's hand slips in But I hope to keep tweaking it until it sounds even moreso.

    Valhalx: I agree regarding the sostenuto It's interesting, a friend of mine (very much not a composer, but an avid listener of music) heard the piece before I put in the little celesta hits on each note change and thought the beginning and ending sounded a tad dull compared to the rest of it. He suggested that it was a great open space, but there weren't any stars... So I added celesta. I just thought it was a neat and interesting way of conveying a suggestion for the piece. Thank you as well for the compliments!

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    Re: Forgotten in a Forsaken World


    I liked this. Liked the percussion and the nuances. This would work great for a movie, I liked the sound of your strings.


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    Re: Forgotten in a Forsaken World

    Great job on this, Leif! VERY effective, and some highly astute use of the orchestra. I was especially impressed with the string work ~ 2:20 fwd. ~3:30... some highly impactful writing, there.

    I know your initial intent on this was cinematic, and an exercise -- but I could definitely see this developing beautifully into a more formal orchestral study.


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    Re: Forgotten in a Forsaken World

    Fantastic. Very expressive and cinematic.

    Good depth with the existing reverb(although a bit artificial sounding). I'm defintiely interested to hear was you'll do in an additional mastering step - so please share any techniques ...


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    Re: Forgotten in a Forsaken World

    Very strong!

    A great use for film score.
    And an interesting way to begin by using a fictitious scenario as a blueprint.
    I also like the original use of chord progression… very unique.

    My only critique was in the opening section… the suspended strings and bell/chime sounded very close to the opening of Star Trek ( I was half expecting to here the voice of William Shatner open… "Space, the final frontier….." ) LOL!

    Great work!

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    SONAR in a Forsaken World!

    Hey folks,

    Well, now that I'm running a full-fledged copy of SONAR 5, my first victim was finally finishing this!

    The most major addition I've done is create all the string sections by hand, using the ensemble instruments: 7 Violin I, 5 Violin II, 3 Viola, 6 Cello, 4 Bass.

    I took a few samples from the free SAM percussion downloads to puncutate several spots.

    Finally, I put it all together using SONAR 5's Perfect Space reverb and tweaking the EQ. The convolution I used was a rather interesting synthesized one called Oak Majal. I wanted something huge and engulfing with lots of decay, but with a warm sound so that when the piece got rhythmic, it would create a bit of a sonic blanket.

    As a bit of a fun factoid, by the time I had finished and created alternate mixes to choose from I had 59 tracks running in the document! Thank god for freezing and archiving.

    Forgotten in a Forsaken World

    Please, let me know what you think


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