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Topic: help with string glissando (pitch bend) playback, Finale 2006

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    Question help with string glissando (pitch bend) playback, Finale 2006

    I'm working on a string quartet score in Finale 2006 (mac) and trying to get correct glissando playback with my recently purchased copy of GPO full. I'm getting mixed results. After considerable troubleshooting I think I've narrowed it down to a problem (inconsistency?) with the GPO full sounds, most likely with their pitch bend settings.

    I have a short glissando (smooth slide between two notes taking up the duration of the first note, as defined in my Blatter orchestration text) in the 2nd violin. Finale's Human Playback seems to be sending the right MIDI data, but GPO is responding inconsistently. None of the solo string sounds I tried played the gliss correctly. I did try it with the violin 1 section KS sound and that worked. Also, the solo violin KS sound in the Finale edition of GPO worked correctly.

    I have posted several example files on my home page.

    Basically my questions are: What is going wrong, and what can I do about it?


    P.S. My GPO full DVD is actually the "Notation Edition" I bought from MakeMusic. I did try the solo string sounds in the notation folder as well as the regular folders: no difference.
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