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Topic: Kinders van die wind

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    Kinders van die wind

    This is an South African folk song written by Koos du Plessis that I orchestrated (well, just because I love SOuth African folk songs written by Koos du Plessis)

    Kinders van die wind

    Our Dutch and German friends would probably understand the meaning of the title. For the rest, it means "Children of the wind"

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    Thumbs up Re: Kinders van die wind

    This is a wonderful song!!
    In ther o fthe orchestration I think all is fine.
    There is something I cannot understand about the strings in the opening: it seems that there was some overlapping notes, right?
    Anyway a little bit of reverb is something lacks here, at least for me (this is my humle opinion).
    the choise of the instruments is very good!!
    Overall GPO sounds very very nice!!!
    Is the instruments starting just after the middle of the song a guitar?
    It is nice.
    And the voices?

    Congrats on this piece,
    I hope to hear more of your orchestration and works.


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    Re: Kinders van die wind

    Hi Roberto

    Thanks for the comments. Yes. The intro I played with overlapping notes or divisi.

    I'll have a look at the reverb a bit. That is still something I sometimes battle with. That is a nylon string guitar comming in on the second half and the voices are from the papelmedia fonts.

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