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Topic: How might I use the KPIPO audio outs?

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    How might I use the KPIPO audio outs?

    While poking around in the audio input alternatives with respect to the GPO VST in a Sonar audio track I noticed some cryptic to me settings. They were:

    PersonalOrchestraVST1 Primary Out (which seems self-explanatory)
    PersonalOrchestraVST1 KPIPO 3/4
    PersonalOrchestraVST1 KPIPO 5/6

    and so on and so forth going up to

    PersonalOrchestraVST1 KPIPO 15/16

    I've guessed and experimented a bit but I would appreciate a simple explanation of what the KPIPO alternatives are and in what circumstances it would be desirable to use them instead of Primary Out.

    Thank you kindly


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    Re: How might I use the KPIPO audio outs?

    They're seperate audio outs that you can use for each instrument slot in an instance. Typically you will get 8 stereo outs for each instance of the Kontakt Player loaded each can be assigned to a single slot and be used to send that instrument to an auxillary effect bus.

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    Re: How might I use the KPIPO audio outs?

    That's what they sounded like but I wasn't able to get them to act like I expected them to act. Of course it was a bit late at night when I tried. If a setting needs to be made inside the Kontakt player that would probably be the reason for my confusion (I'd rather believe that than that I was too sleepy to think straight.) In any case, thanks for the information, I'll be giving it a try in a few minutes.


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    Re: How might I use the KPIPO audio outs?

    It is nice to know I'm developing some intuition (or got lucky).

    I ran accross the KPIPO outs while working on a template for a virtual ensemble that involves instruments from GPO and two other VSTs (double bass, cello, viola, violin, piano, drums, guitar, acoustic bass). I've tried to come up with some intelligent questions about signal routing in such a setup but the best I can come up with is "how would I organize this?" and that doesn't seem like a very good question. Maybe I'll come up with a better question or two as I work on the template.



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    Re: How might I use the KPIPO audio outs?

    The fog has lifted.

    I pride myself on being a fast learner but I've came to the conclusion that I was using Sonar (Sonar 3 Producer Edition by the way) pretty much as if it was the early version of Cakewalk I learned on and that I'd for the most part used ProAudio 9 the same way.

    So I went back and read the stuff in help about busses (which I've never used before), realtime effects (ditto--I applied my effects to the wave files after I bounced to audio), main outs, and signal routing and now that I've got a clear idea of where things come from and go to my confusion has vanished. (0r should I say that particular confusion?)

    Your comments about mixing are very to the point as far as quality goes. I've spent a lot of time over at the Cakewalk forum seeing what folks there have to say and although I'm at best a novice mixer I've got some inclining of how little I know (respect the frequency spectrum and don't overcrowd it or the result will be mud and too much processing degrades audio quality about sums it up). I try to go into a mix as close to the end result I want as I can and basically try to avoid making mistakes. In any case...

    Thank you kindly for helping me work through my confusion


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