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Topic: Any plans to add instruments to GPO?

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    Any plans to add instruments to GPO?

    I am wondering if there are any plans, and/or schedule, for adding a few instruments to GPO as an add-on product? The array of instruments is already impressive, but I have been thinking of a small number of additional instruments such as: recorders in a few sizes for baroque & rennaisance music, mandolin for those mandolin concerti, classical guitar, and some saxophones in a few sizes, and perhaps a Wagner tuba or two.

    I know that the Big Band/Jazz release is coming up, and was wondering if there might be any "addendum" product of a small number of saxophones for use with GPO...? It would make a nice add-on product (or several) for poeople who already have GPO to get small packages of additional instruments.

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    Re: Any plans to add instruments to GPO?

    You should check out the numerous threads about GPOA (for Advanced).

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