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Topic: Workflow: Finale/DP

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    Workflow: Finale/DP

    With the advent of Finale 2006 and it's integration of GPO, I am wondering about opinions re the workflow between a notation program and a DAW (in my case Digital Performer. I suppose it depends on the nature of the composition, but I wonder how others are working in a similar environment. At what stage do you export from Finale to your workstation? Right after notation is complete? (In which case you don't bother with any mixing in Finale). I realize this might also be a matter of personal preference but would love to hear thoughts from those of you who use a similar setup.
    Thanks again.

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    Re: Workflow: Finale/DP



    I started this thread on 10/24 that asked a similar question... I use the bundled Overture SE with Cubase LE, but I think we had the same basic question.

    there were a ton of answers. i'm new to this, and have not settled into a workflow myself. but reading what the more experienced users do gave me a basic idea. for what i'm doing right now, i'm just printing the notation and i'm probably gonna 'perform' and record each part separately into Cubase. the reason i'm not just exporting the MIDI, is because it is a small chamber-type ensemble and i want each track to sound like it was 'played' not 'inputed'. i figure it will sound more natural than if i exported the MIDI and modified it by hand. i'll post a demo when i'm done... we'll see how it turns out.
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    Re: Workflow: Finale/DP

    Thank you for your response Nigam. I checked out the older thread and it was helpful. I think now as I continue to experiment, it seems best to notate and then forgo any performance or mixing edits in Finale as exporting midi doesn't export the expressions, dynamics, tempo changes, articulations and so on, anyway. So it makes sense to perform the stuff into DP.

    I am also experimenting with taking the exported midi file from Finale and then using the graphic editor in DP to draw in the interpretive stuff. This is really an experimental approach for me and doesn't seem too intuitive at this stage. It does seem to make more sense to simply go ahead and perform the piece one bit at a time with all the desired nuances.

    Thanks again


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