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Topic: GPOA estimated system requirements

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    GPOA estimated system requirements

    Will GPOA be just an additional set of samples beyond GPO, or will it require Kontakt 2 like the Stradivarius package? If the former, how much memory will it need to handle the additional instruments?

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    Re: GPOA estimated system requirements

    GPOA will have it's own player, like the GPO Kontakt player except with more bells and whistles. Again, RAM will depend on how many instruments you want to load. There has been roumer that GPOA will have a LOT more expressive controlls, which might require more of your CPU/RAM. It all depends on how big your orchestra is going to be. Look at your current RAM, how much you can load, and you can probably make a good guestimate at how much RAM you'll need for a BIG GPOA orchestra.


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