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Topic: just got a deal on a dual1.8 G5 powermac..should i do it?

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    Smile just got a deal on a dual1.8 G5 powermac..should i do it?

    i just got a deal on a dual 1.8 G5 powermac..should i do it?
    i have been having problem with my set up in DP with all the vi's etc....system crawls if i use Kontakt or other processor hogs
    dual 1.8 dp G5 demo(NEW) with warranty $1199......... i have been thinking about upgrading to the new dualcore macs,but the pci express stuff (nothing out there 6-8 weeks at least)and who knows how buggy it will be.... and the options look like an additional $2-$3000 to configure pci express properly, so i am thinking i can put in 4 gigs of ram and have a decent machine until 2nd run of quads are here and the pci express stuff gets sorted out or hold out until 2nd run of macintels are here,
    my choices:
    dual 1.8 $1199.+ ram use existing pci stuff or
    dual 2,7 $2650= ram use existing pci
    quad $3100 + ram but $2000-$3000 for pci express solution
    besides the price differences .i am concerned w/reliability,,,,my system crawls now as it is ,will i have a big jump going to a dual 1.8? will a jump to the dual 2.7 be worth more than 2x the price?
    i know the quad SHOULD be amazing but the new technology and 1st run and the cost has me nervous
    Money is not the issue as much as investing in unproven technology,what i don't want is an investment of 6-10 months of working on flawed 1st run of a radically new direction in PowerMac.............we have all seen 1st editions that have had Major Flaws without the different design changes Apple is attempting here,bleeding edge technology is exciting,but to be guineau pig on architecture that will be replaced in 12-18 months,,,,,this is probably a test run for Macintels .................any comments ,suggestions? thanks
    dual 1 gig, 1.5 gig ram, DP4.52 RME fireface800
    tc powercore/pci
    ik,ni&ql (synths vi's samplers)vdrums akai z8 xp30etc,shunyata powercords and conditioners,richard gray....too many harddrives
    (3 fw buss)

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    Re: just got a deal on a dual1.8 G5 powermac..should i do it?

    Anything that you can do to increase the power and the speed of your computing is worth the money. Dual 1.8 are better than what you got now, but I don't know how they'll do compared to other machines.

    You may want to consider holding off for a little while, but then again with the future so uncertain I'm not sure anything else will be that much better for the price.


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