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Topic: GPO problems in ProTools M-Powered

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    GPO problems in ProTools M-Powered

    I am able to load GPO as a plugin on an audio channel but am unable to see it as an option on a midi track output. All other audio instruments that I have installed appear in the midi output dropdown menu but not GPO.

    The only thing that is in that menu is in a sub-menu (output/pre-defined/GPO studio) But selecting any of these does not seem to do anything.

    To top it all off, I have just re-installed GPO and upon entering Pro-Tools I find that there are absolutely NO plugins apart from GPO. Needless to say, GPO does still not appear in the Midi channels output list.

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    Re: GPO problems in ProTools M-Powered

    Forgot to say;

    I am running Pro-Tools M-Powered 6.8 on a 3Ghz P4, 2 Gig of RAM.

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