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Topic: Re-sampling Software

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    Re-sampling Software

    I'm considering getting an automated resampling program like, for example:


    I know there are others, but I don't remember their names. I'm curious as to whether anyone here has some experience with these.

    I'd like to record complex patches I've used in the studio for live performance. I'm interested in any info on the various utilities that can do this as well as usability and reliability info.

    TIA for any feedback.


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    Re: Re-sampling Software

    SampleRobot does that as well. In addition, within a few months (possibly sooner), a sampler called "DirectWave" is going to be released in conjunction with the FLStudio 6 release. I believe it will be both FL plugin format AND VST, and based on the videos I've watched of it in action, it's incredibly easy to use and does exactly what you're talking about.
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    Re: Re-sampling Software

    I've also done it with midifiles, Sonar and a few basic utilities for splitting, bulk trimming and bulk renaming. It doesn't take that long to manually create generic sampling midifiles.


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    Re: Re-sampling Software

    Hi, I just got Samplerobot myself and I am very pleased with it. The included presets for sampling various instrument sounds make it real easy to get great results

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    Re: Re-sampling Software

    Picked up demo copies of Samplit and SampleRobot myself and they both look promissing for auto sampling midi instruments and turning them into libraries. My guess is you'd probably want to team them up with CDXtract or Chicken Systems library conversion software if the auto sampler doesn't output your favorite library format. I'm suprised Chicken Systems hasn't jumped in with it's own auto sampler yet.


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    Re: Re-sampling Software

    Voxengo r8brain - good (and free)

    Voxengo r8brainPro - the best.



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    Re: Re-sampling Software

    I just got Sampleit. I have used the Sonar method before - it works great, but Sampleit is a whole lot easier.

    Just a few tips:

    First, remove any built-in effects that your synth patches use (esp chorus), and also reverb. The reason is that the sound you hear when playing your synth is that ALL the notes you play at once are routed through these effects together. If you sample each note "as is" you will get multiple stacks of chorus or reverb (one for each note - which sounds terrible when you play the samples) since the signal path in the synth routs all notes played at one time through these effects (not one at a time). Once you have sampled the patches "raw" then add chorus/reverb through your sampler.

    Second, it is usually advisable to sample in no less than whole tone increments. The reason for this is that otherwise you get inconsistent filtering (ie. the higher notes get brighter than the original patch).

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    Re: Re-sampling Software

    Thanks to all for all the feedback. Samplit is chugging away as I write this.

    Since I already use CDXtract, I got the Kontakt version so it was considerably cheaper than SampleRobot: not quite as feature-laden but more than adequate for my purposes.


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