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Topic: Mother Hicks

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    Mother Hicks

    These are a few cues from a soundtrack I am working on, Mother Hicks. The play of the same name is being performed by my high school's drama club for the March 2006 MHSDG (Massachusetts High School Drama Guild) festival.

    "Set in southern Illinois, during the Great Depression, this play is about three outsiders--a foundling girl known only as Girl, a deaf boy; eloquent in the language of his silence; and an eccentric recluse, Mother Hicks, who is suspected of being a witch. The tale, told with poetry and sign language, chronicles the journeys of these three to find themselves, and each other in a troubled time. Provocative productions through North America have revealed the power and appeal of this play."

    Track list:
    1. Introduction
    2. Talk of Nell Hicks
    3. The Graveyard Scene
    4. Witch Tricks
    5. Where the Blood Falls
    6. The Birthing
    7. The Orphan of an Orphan
    8. Girl's Missing

    "Introduction" pretty much sets the tone of the play. You don't hear it in these tracks, really, but I am planning on doing a lot more with the bass ostinatos from the first track. There are also some recurrent themes; eight or nine in fact (not all presented in these tracks). The final soundtrack will be 20-25 minutes long. All sound samples are from GPO except for the MIDI guitar (I'm planning on replacing this with a Big Band guitar when it's available). The notation was done in Overture 3.6 SE/Overture 4, as well as the computer-playback recording (except the guitar solo, which was performed on my keyboard).

    "Introduction" begins with a choral chant.

    Mother Hicks is a witch, people say,
    And she lives all alone at the top of Dug Hill,
    And she works her magic on the town below.

    When cracks is seen in the dry creek bed,
    When the corn burns up,
    When a calf's born dead,
    Mother Hicks is a witch, people say.

    When a child's born sick, and there ain't no cause,
    And they're ain't no cure, then everybody knows
    That it's witched for sure.
    Mother Hicks is a witch, people say.

    This covers the first thirty-five seconds of the cue.

    Download here.
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    Re: Mother Hicks


    I am sorry to say that I cant download those files it say I should wait 30 min + in line.. you should upload them elsewhere I think if you want more comments

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    Re: Mother Hicks

    I see plenty of servers with no wait time. Maybe this is different for non-US residents. I understand the weakness of using free services like this, but at the moment I can't really finance my own hosting space.

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    Re: Mother Hicks

    Got a friend to host; should be a quick download now.

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