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Topic: Last check before networking plunge!

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    Last check before networking plunge!


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    Re: Last check before networking plunge!

    RDC works okay, though I've found in most cases VNC is a more robust and extensible solution. Speed-wise they are comparable, with VNC slightly more responsive depending on which server/client configuration you're using.

    Both are fairly lightweight, so once you've upgraded those PC's to XP Pro, it is probably worth trying both to see which works better for you. I think RDC is the more 'elegant' solution, but VNC edges it out in performance.

    FWIW, I was planning on doing a similar thing with my PC, but ultimately resorted to a second monitor and using Derman's KMRemoteControl. Ultimately I don't mind sharing the keyboard and mouse between machines, but screen real estate is important, so I decided to dedicate a monitor to each.

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