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Topic: Vars 1 & 2 - default or experiment?

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    Vars 1 & 2 - default or experiment?

    In an effort to save time doing setup so I can have more time for making music I am setting up templates. (Naturally this is time consuming)

    In any case...

    Regarding var 1 and var 2: do you have default values that usually use or usually use to begin your explorations or do you start with a clean slate each time?

    If you do use defaults could you share them?



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    Re: Vars 1 & 2 - default or experiment?


    On questions like this it is always best to do a search of past threads. Chances are the subject has been discussed before. Here's an example: http://www.northernsounds.com/forum/...t=34094&page=1


    P.S. Upon reading over the above thread I see that I missed answering a series of questions by Jack B. And he posted them twice! I'm also getting blind in my old age. Better PM him to see if he's still wondering what the answers are.

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    Re: Vars 1 & 2 - default or experiment?

    I just thought I'd mention I like var 1 around 7% and var 2 around 20%, but I adjust depending on if there's repeated notes and the likelyhood of the machine gun effect.


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    Re: Vars 1 & 2 - default or experiment?

    Thanks to all for the good information. Things are now clear.


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    Re: Vars 1 & 2 - default or experiment?


    I'm sure you must get tired of answering the same questions all the time and I'm sorry for my contribution to the load.

    As to searching the forum: when I searched for "var 1" and "var 2" I got no matches (the search engine complained about short words and suggested I try something else). If I'd known to try "var1" and "var2" (which I did afterwards as an experiment since I saw that form in some of the links you provided) the results would have been much different.

    Thanks and best regards


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