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Topic: Music for 10 Instruments (Read)

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    Music for 10 Instruments (Read)

    This is my first upload, and I wanted to to see if the link would work and if I had everything configured properly.

    This is a slightly serial piece written for 6 woodwinds and 4 brass and performed entirely using Finale 2006a with HP. The piece was written many years ago (1972) and was, as I recall, influenced by Stravinsky and others. It was a kick to hear a 15 year old Finale file come to life! I had to update dynamics and play a bit with the mixer window in Finale. Comments welcome of course!


    If the link doesn't work for some reason, please go to my website http://www.paulread.ca, enter the site and go to downloads. There are a few other pieces there performed via Finale and GPO. If this works, I'll post direct links to the others.

    All the best

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    Re: Music for 10 Instruments (Read)

    Nice piece! I can hear the Stravinsky influence (and maybe some Bartˇk too?) and it makes for some exciting material. I particularly liked that last chord. sweeeeet.
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    Re: Music for 10 Instruments (Read)

    Excellent piece. I enjoyed this a lot. I too hear Stravinsky and a little Copeland.
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    Re: Music for 10 Instruments (Read)

    Nice job on this, Paul; and you're right, I do think I can hear Petrouchka as a ghostly influence; but it is surely not imitative, more a doffing of the cap.

    Again, fine handling of a combination of instruments that can be uneasy companions, and an intriguing development.

    On the mix (acknowledging once again that I'm a technical idiot), I think perhaps I would have backed off on the reverb a bit to give it a more intimate feel -- but, only my opinion of course... better ears may have different thoughts on that.

    I am looking forward to hearing much more from you, Paul!



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