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Topic: A Song From "Inconsolable Secret"

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    A Song From "Inconsolable Secret"

    Hey gang!! I haven't been around to post anything in forever, but I've been luring about again and I thought I'd let you hear at least a song from the last album Glass Hammer did that relied on GOS so heavily (as well as GIGAHarp).

    The strings on this piece are mostly GOS, with one real string player per section for a little added realism. This is the album's ballad...

    Through A Glass darkly

    Hope you like it!!

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    Thumbs up Re: A Song From "Inconsolable Secret"


    This is fantastic stuff!

    Beautiful recording too! I've just googled up the Glass Hammer Website, I'm a huge proggie myself, and intend to search out more of your material right away.

    Thank you for sharing!

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    Re: A Song From "Inconsolable Secret"

    I like the orchestration, especially at the beginning! Very nice melody as well. Thanks for sharing!
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    Re: A Song From "Inconsolable Secret"

    Absolutely top notch! The constantly changing style keeps things very fresh. Great work - I hope it is very successful for you.

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    Re: A Song From "Inconsolable Secret"

    Fred, very nice and worldly.

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    Re: A Song From "Inconsolable Secret"

    Thanks for the positive words!! The whole thing was quite an undertaking. We used a lot of real players but people would be shocked if they knew what a large role GOS played on the album (and we ain't talking ) This bit slots in the middle of disk 2, which in our minds is supposed to be treated as one long piece of music...

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    Re: A Song From "Inconsolable Secret"

    Fred, this is gorgeous. Strong writing, quite powerful and moving, really interesting (I love it when people trash the form book, by the way)... and *exceptionally* well realized. The use of vocal and ensemble contrast is highly striking, very effective.

    What a great piece!


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    Re: A Song From "Inconsolable Secret"

    Excellent piece, Fred. Especially the string work. Everything about this is superb.
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    Re: A Song From "Inconsolable Secret"

    Fred, I've just listened again, and am really impressed by this tune.

    Can I ask, if Inconsolable Secret is being distributed in the UK? This album has just gone to the top of my must-buy list.

    Brilliant song, and yes, the strings really work there!

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    Re: A Song From "Inconsolable Secret"

    Comgratulations! Very beautiful. Sustains interest throughout.
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