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Topic: What is this sound (or how do you make this sound)?

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    What is this sound (or how do you make this sound)?

    I need your help music know it alls.

    I am trying to find out how one can make this kind of sound, or possibly find out what sample/synth/keyboard makes this type of sound.

    I made a short mp3 clip of it at http://www.megaupload.com/?d=QNUPF7YZ
    [It is a small file of around 137 kb. The timer is a 45 second countdown, after that is done, click "click here to download" to download the mp3.]

    The part I'm referring to in here is that wobbly sound that's bounding back and forth in the clip. It's not the hand percussion or the analogish pad.

    Any ideas what that sound is or how it is made?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: What is this sound (or how do you make this sound)?

    This sounds like some sort of basic subtractive patch that's being sustained, with very 'snappy' filter motion. Prodigy uses this sort of thing all the time; if the cutoff knob is manually moved quickly back and forth, you get that sort of wobbly effect. I don't know what sort of waveforms comprised the sound- could be PWM squares.. saws.. a combination of a few things, I'm not entirely sure. But it doesn't sound too complex, so I would just take any old subtractive patch with a resonant lowpass filter and automate the cutoff. I believe that would reproduce this sound.

    edit: I believe there's some reverb and delay on it too, or some automated panning, which creates the back-and-forth stereo effect.
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    Re: What is this sound (or how do you make this sound)?

    OK, here's my guess. The rhythm of it follows the rhythm of the hand percussion for the most part, although there are some extra -triggers- in the middle of the phrase. If you disregard those extra triggers and just listen to it where it's closely following the hand perc, it sounds like a filter being driven by an envelope follower (i.e. a "Mutron"). Perhaps the hand perc track is going to a delay to generate the polyrhythms prior to triggering the envelope follower. Additionally, the filter is being swept up in the middle of the phrase.

    As to what the filter is filtering, I'd guess it's basically reverb from the hand perc. There's a good bit of resonance on the filter and not a lot of tonality to the sound.

    Another possibility is that the filter is being seperately sequenced, with envelopes being triggered in close synch with the hand perc.

    Cool clip though - if you told us where it came from that might give additional clues as to it's making.

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